Thrive with E-LEAP: Unlock Your Migrant Employees' Full Potential

Can MRISE tailor an E-LEAP programme to my organisation's needs?
We can tailor the E-LEAP programme to equip high-skilled migrant employees with the tools, skills, and confidence to seamlessly integrate into your organisation's culture, communicate effectively, and thrive in their specific roles.

Why Employers Should Care?

Enhanced Workforce Performance: Empowering migrant employees means a more engaged, confident, and effective workforce, resulting in increased productivity and improved team dynamics.

Cultural Integration: E-LEAP fosters a culture of inclusivity, leveraging varied perspectives for improved problem solving & enriched  collaboration.

Tailored Solutions: Our program is customizable, tailored to address your organisation's specific strategic plans, organisational values & KPIs. 

We were once where you are now...

Employing a multicultural diverse team solves business problems. It can create some too.

use Tailored E-LEAP to maximise your business success...

Maximise Success

E-LEAP: Elevate Your Organisation

An Example:
6 week programme including 5 modules:
  • Module 1:

    Building Personalised Blueprints: Crafting individual success strategies for migrant employees aligned with organisational goals.

  • Module 2:

    Amplifying Visibility and Voice: Enhancing communication skills to ensure migrant employees' consistently add-value and can be integrated into the workplace. 

  • Module 3:

    Cultural Navigation: Equipping employees to navigate and contribute to your workplace culture appropriately and confidently.

  • Module 4:

    Bridging Language Barriers: Strategies for effective communication despite language differences, fostering seamless collaboration and improved interactions with customers.

  • Module 5:

    Solidifying Presence: Navigating the nuances of Kiwi culture in the workplace and establishing migrant employees as assets.

  • Bring it all together:

    Graduation Celebration: An acknowledgment of achievements, fostering a sense of belonging and ongoing growth, and preparing for the future with your organisation.  

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Why Act Now?

Partner with us to create an environment where the diverse talents of your employees, including migrants, contribute synergistically to your organisation's success while reflecting and strengthening your core values.

 Immediate Impact: In less than 6 weeks, witness tangible changes in employee engagement, communication, and performance.

Invest in Success: Your investment in E-LEAP translates to a more cohesive, effective, and culturally diverse workforce, yielding long-term benefits for your organization.

Call or email us to discuss a customised E-LEAP program tailored specifically for your organisation, employees, and industry to harness the full potential of your migrant talent pool aligned with your organisational values.