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Do your colleagues and clients value and respect you, but it takes them a while to realise just how big your contribution is?  You can change that.  E-LEAP saves you time so you get noticed faster. 
Imagine being constantly recognised for your achievements.  Don't imagine, join E-LEAP and build a portfolio of testimonals and references that tell the world how great you are.   E-LEAP will help you catapult your success story into the future. 
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Do people think of you as a 'people person'?

Employers care about skills.  But they also care about your people skills.  If they don't have proof that you, as a migrant, can communiate well, fit-in with team-mates, and motivate people, then how can they hire or promote you?  Use the blueprint in E-LEAP to collect references about your great communication and people skills.
Client's Love

Shilinka has been helping people cross the migrant-local barrier for nearly 20 years. 

Imagine getting noticed, defining your world, communicating beyond language & cementing your place in your new world...

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