Thrive with E-LEAP: Passport to your Success

Are you a migrant who feels like you are just surviving? Do you want that to change? Do you want to Thrive?
Your Mission Should You Choose to Accept It: is to build a blueprint to cross the migrant-local barrier, be welcomed into conversations, know what is going on, & thrive in your new world in 6 weeks.

Imagine waking-up in the morning excited about what the day is going to bring, you head into work knowing what is going on, being welcomed into conversation in the break room, creating a great first impression at social functions and being remembered by clients, colleagues, and superiors.

We were once where you are now...

don't waste time falling, stumbling & getting back-up with new scars...

use E-LEAP as your passport to thriving...


E-LEAP: Your Passport to Thriving

This 6 week programme will include 5 modules:
  • Module 1:

    The Migrant's Passport to Thriving: Blueprint to Success

  • Module 2:

    Getting Noticed: Speak Up and Stand-Out

  • Module 3:

    Defining Your New World: Amplify Your Conversational Impact

  • Module 4:

    Communicating Beyond Language: Crossing the Migrant-Local Barrier

  • Module 5:

    Cementing Your Place: Adding a Sensory Approach

  • Bring it all together:

    A Thriving Graduation Celebration: Celebrate and Build On Your Achievements

By the end of the programme you will have the Blueprint to success to get the recognition, reward & respect you deserve.  You will also have on-going encouragement from our supportive community for 1 full-year.
Imagine getting noticed, defining your world, communicating beyond language & cementing your place in your new world in less than 6 weeks.
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English Conversation Training


E-Gym: Elevate your English speaking skills. Train confidently daily with qualified coaches. Reach language goals and invest in effective communication. 

Transform fluency, starting at $19.12/week per year. Join now!

Your Passport to Thriving


Craft your migrant success blueprint in 6 weeks with E-LEAP. Stand out, communicate effectively, and integrate seamlessly into your new world. Thrive now!

Be recognised and respected. Talk to us about your needs.

Your Pathway to Launch

E-LEAP for Start-ups

Take your brilliant idea off the ground with E-Leap for Start-Ups. Move from concept to concrete plan, understanding NZ processes for launching  your idea successfully.

Give your entrepreneurial dreams a chance today.

Performance Success

E-LEAP for Employers

Tailor E-LEAP to your organization's needs, empowering migrant employees for seamless integration, improved performance & enhanced communication.

Elevate Organisational Performance - pricing is dependent on group size.

Pay It Forward

MRISE Scholarship

The fees from our programmes are used to fund a limited number of scholarships. 
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